Energy reduction in process cleaning

Lead University: University of Birmingham

Professor Peter Fryer, Professor Serafim Bakalis, Dr Feederico Alberini, Miss Jessica Tuck

Collaboration: Procter and Gamble


During industrial processes, resources are wasted cleaning the reaction vessels, these resources include; time, water, energy. Studying an impinging jet gives understanding on how to reduce the use of these resources.

This project aims to study the cleaning of thick film deposits on hard surfaces, by an impinging water jet. Using this system as a simplified model, for rotating spray devices in reaction vessels.

The project will use a variety of optical techniques to study the cleaning process. Understanding the mechanisms of cleaning for thick films under various conditions.

This project hopes to provide understanding of the optimal conditions for cleaning using an impinging jet. This knowledge will have applications in reducing the resources used by industry in the cleaning processes.


  • Mechanistic details of impingement jet cleaning of thick films.
  • Understanding of how flow rate affects cleaning
  • Understanding how thickness of film affects cleaning

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