Development of an innovative sustainable baking system for producing a range of high quality gluten free and derivative gf baking products with enhanced functional properties

Lead University: Brunel University London

Dr Valentina Stojceska, Professor Savvas Tassou

Collaboration: Northumbrian Fine Foods (NFF)

Chantelle Kleynhans


NFF is a manufacturer with a strong heritage in biscuit making which began in 1936. The company has produced gluten-free (GF) baked products but has encountered a number of problems related to consistency of product quality and waste.

The project addresses the following challenges:

  • Review existing GF production process
  • Optimising formulation, processing and packaging of gluten-free products
  • Minimisation and utilisation of food processing waste
  • Energy Reduction and resource efficiency
  • Development of functional attributes for a new generation of GF products


  • Resource efficiency strategy implemented to reduce the operational cost
  • Energy efficiency improved resulting with 5% of energy savings
  • New products with good sensorial and textural properties were developed

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