Conference Themes

The conference seeks papers in all aspects of sustainable energy demand and resource use in food chains including, but not limited to:


  • Direct energy use in agriculture
  • Environmental impacts of food production
  • Waste to energy conversion
  • Waste to product conversion


  • Energy consumption and emissions in food retail
  • Towards zero emissions food retail outlets
  • Refrigeration systems in food retail
  • Energy system integration


  • Energy and resource use in food processing
  • Energy efficient food processing technologies
  • Process integration
  • Optimisation of food processing opertions


  • Energy and resource use in food consumption
  • Energy consumption and resource use of food services and catering facilities
  • Energy efficient technologies for food storage and preparation


  • Food transport logistics
  • Energy and environmental impacts of food storage
  • Food storage systems and technologies
  • Environmental of food transportation
  • Sustainable food packaging
  • Product quality and shelf life

Food Policy and Cross Cutting Topics

  • Food Policy
  • Life cycle sustainability assessment of food chains
  • Integrated energy and emissions modelling
  • Water recovery and recycling
  • Food consumption and the influence of human behaviour
  • Food energy and water nexus

WORKSHOP: Energy Recovery Conversion and Management - ERCoM 2018