About CSEF

The Centre brings together multidisciplinary research groups of substantial complimentary experience and internationally leading research track record from the Universities of Brunel, Manchester and Birmingham as well as key stakeholders to investigate and develop innovative approaches and technologies to effect substantial end use energy demand reductions. The Centre engages both in cutting edge research into approaches and technologies that will have significant impacts in the future, leading towards the target of 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050, but also in research that can have demonstrable impacts in the shorter term, within the initial five year lifetime of the Centre.



To be a premier Centre for research into energy, resource use and sustainability of the food chain with International Reputation, Visibility and Impact.


To carry out: 

I) fundamental research into innovative technologies and approaches that will have significant impacts and contribute to the Government’s long term greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, and

 ii)  research that will have demonstrable impacts in the short term, while taking into consideration socio-economic and behavioural aspects



One of (End Use Energy Demand) EUED Centres

The Team:

Internationally leading groups with complementary expertise covering all post farm stages of the food chain. 

3 University Groups

Brunel University (lead): Prof. Savvas Tassou;

University of Manchester: Prof. Adisa Azapagic;

University of Birmingham: Prof. Peter Fryer;

33 partner  organisations: 7 major food and drinks manufacturers; 4 major retailers; 8 equipment manufacturers and service providers;  14 professional institutions, KTNs, food related trade associations.   

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Research Themes

CSEF carries out work in a number of vertical and horizontal cross-cutting themes that address the main sectors of the food chain.  Each theme involves a number of Work Packages and projects.




3 State-of-the-art Environmental Chamber Rooms

Chamber Room temperature 5 deg C to 40 deg C

Fully Complied with ISO-23953




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Reducing energy use in food chains Sustainability and food supply
Centre for Sustainable energy use in food chains